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The War of the Roses (how everything started)

Watch the video and take notes

These are the roses that each House used to identify themselves

Receta de cóctel Rose

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The Peasants Revolt

Take a look at the following videos

Now, share your notes with other classmates and complete ideas

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Magna Carta

Watch the following videos and take notes.

Discuss ideas with a partner. Complete your notes with the information given by your classmate.

Think and Reflect: Why is Magna Carta still an important document today?

Write ideas in your folder for later discussion and debate.

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The Black Death

Resultado de imagen para black death for kids

Watch the following video and take notes (in classroom you have some concepts and information to focus on)

Consult the following pages and take notes

With all this information, complete the document in classroom.

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King vs Church

The King, who is an absolute monarch started to have some problems with the Church.

Let’s discuss together what happened between the King and Becket.

Quiz Time:

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Castles in Norman England

Definitely, one of the most important things was the building of castles.

Read about Norman castles:

Watch the following video


What are the characteristics of a Norman castle? Make a list.

Find a picture of a Norman Castle in Britain

Draw one castle and describe it. Point out all the important parts castles used to have.

Why were castles important?

EXTRA: if you like minecraft….design a castle and share the picture

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The Battle of Hastings

Bayeux Tapestry scene51 Battle of Hastings Norman knights and archers

Last class, we focused on the Battle of Stamford. We watched a video and you took some notes. Then, together with your classmates, you compared notes and completed your ideas. (the group that was in class) The other group was at home but also watched the video and wrote on ideas on this important battle.

Make sure you have the summary/notes with you

The Norwegian army had landed first, so Harold marched northward with his soldiers to fight them. He met Harald Hardrada at Stamford Bridge, near York, on September 25, 1066. The English won, and Harald Hardrada was killed in the battle.

Battle of Stamford Bridge | Myles Dungan

How was Harald Hardrada killed? The image may help you

Harold did not have time to enjoy his victory, however. He had to march back south to deal with William of Normandy.

Watch the following videos and takes notes of the second and most important battle for the throne of England in 1066

If the videos are not clear, here you have a webpage

write all your notes in your folder, you will need them later.

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Who Should Be the Next King?

Take a look at the presentation and when you are in slide 20, take a decision as regards the new King of England and write reasons for that in your folder. Then, continue watching the presentation.

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The Vikings

Vikings are often portrayed as bloodthirsty raiders, but they were more than that: they were also seafaring explorers and traders with their own cultural traditions.

Viking trade routes extended from Northern Europe all the way down to the city of Constantinople, where they traded slaves and amber for silk and spices. They also brought furs and walrus tusks (ivory) from Greenland to the towns of Europe.

When Vikings weren’t trading, they were telling stories called sagas around the fire. A saga is a long story about the life of a great hero.

The Ancient Stories Written in The Iceland Viking Sagas

Along with their sagas, the Vikings also had their own mythology. The English words for the days Tuesday to Friday come from Norse* mythology. Thursday for example means Thor’s Day. Thor was the Norse god of thunder.

500 years before Christopher Columbus crossed the Atlantic Ocean, Viking explorers had already reached the eastern coast of North America. The most famous of these Viking explorers are Erik the Red and his son Leif Erikson*.

Erik el Rojo

Erik the Red’s story began when he was banished from Iceland for killing his neighbor. He was told to leave Iceland for 3 years. Erik had heard of a mysterious land discovered by another Viking named Gunnbjorn when his ship was blown off course in a storm.

In 982, Erik found the mysterious island and called it Greenland. After three years, he went back to Iceland and convinced other people to follow him to Greenland where they started two colonies. In these colonies, the Vikings built farms and even hunted up around the Arctic Circle. These colonies lasted for around 500 years.

Using Greenland as a base, Erik the Red’s son, Leif Erikson explored even farther to a land he called Vinland, which was on the coast of Canada.

More information on the Vikings:

In classroom, you’ll find a jamboard to work on

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Anglo Saxons by Junior 6

Watch the following presentations created by your partners and comment in the blog.

-Make two positive comments about any of them

-Choose a presentation to make a suggestion (be kind)

Presentation 1

Presentation 2

Check this canva presentation

Presentation 3

Presentation 4

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