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Math Board Game Project!

Through collaborative work, the children created Math Board Games and then played! We had lots of fun, while writing problems and practising Math!

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Classwork July 10-12

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Oli C.’s Special Day

Oli made a PPT presentation on his family, his favorite vacations and his favorite sport. Besides, it was his birthday! It was amazing!

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Extra! Extra! Our Magazine has finally come out!

Open publication – Free publishing

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Classwork – July 2-5

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Santi’s Special Day

Santi prepared a presentation on Fifa World Cups. He told us lots of interesting facts about them. He even showed us all their Pets! Finally, he made a game on the different World Cup winners. We had so much fun!!!

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Creating Subtraction Word Problems

Through collaborative work we invented some subtraction problems. We wanted the children in Junior 1 and 2 to play with us, so we put the problems we created up on the wall. We hope you enjoy them!

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