Classwork Wednesday April, 1st

Hi kiddies! long time no see!! Remember in this unit we are learning “how do we know what happened long ago?” and remember the last story you read about Javier and his friends that found the fossils of a dinosaur? Well, we’ll go on learning a bit more about fossils. Let’s watch this video first!

Do you think you can answer these questions now?

Now I challenge you to draw a fossil! (on a sheet of paper) These are my fossils! Do you like them? Take a picture of your fossil and please send it to me.

OPTIONAL ACTIVITY: I did a fossil with my students last year at school, but due to the present situation, we won’t be able to do it together this year. BUUUUT…. you can make a fossil of your own at home! It’s easy and you will have fun doing it! I will show you the process of my fossil in the following video. Would you dare give it a try? You just need a small object to fossilize, a bit of play doh and some glue.

This is the video from youtube. I’d love to see your fossils!!!

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