Classwork Thursday April, 2nd

Hello children! How are you today?Look at Isa’s experiment of the fossil!!!! Has anyone else been able to do it? and look at Maggie’s REAL fossil of a shell. She found it during her road trip around Argentina! Thanks for sharing them girls!

Would you like to see if I could make my own fossil? Watch the video and see!

I’m so excited that the experiment worked!!! What about yours? were you able to do it? I’m eager to see your results! Please share it with us! You can send me the picture or a video with your experiment so that I can upload it on the blog and share it with the rest of the class!

Click on the following link to complete your exercise. Remember to click on “TERMINADO” once you finish, so that you can check your answers.

That’s all kiddies! Now Enjoy your next activity with Miss Mili!

See you tomorrow!

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