Classwork Monday April, 6th

Hello people! How was your weekend? Hope you’re fine! Today we are having our first MEET at 3.30pm. Are you ready? I’m eager to see all of you there!!!

Today we are starting a new unit about food and we’ll be learning some vocabulary about cooking. What’s your favourite food? Do you like cooking? What do you like cooking? When do you cook this food? Who do you usually cook with? Think about the answers to these questions before we meet at 3.30pm today.

Please have a look at the following video with some cooking verbs.

Now do you think you can do this vocabulary exercise? If you are not sure about the answers, you can watch the video again before completing this form.

OK! That’s all for today! See you later in our MEET at 3.30pm!

Love you!

Miss Mechi

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