The Battle of Hastings

Bayeux Tapestry scene51 Battle of Hastings Norman knights and archers

Last class, we focused on the Battle of Stamford. We watched a video and you took some notes. Then, together with your classmates, you compared notes and completed your ideas. (the group that was in class) The other group was at home but also watched the video and wrote on ideas on this important battle.

Make sure you have the summary/notes with you

The Norwegian army had landed first, so Harold marched northward with his soldiers to fight them. He met Harald Hardrada at Stamford Bridge, near York, on September 25, 1066. The English won, and Harald Hardrada was killed in the battle.

Battle of Stamford Bridge | Myles Dungan

How was Harald Hardrada killed? The image may help you

Harold did not have time to enjoy his victory, however. He had to march back south to deal with William of Normandy.

Watch the following videos and takes notes of the second and most important battle for the throne of England in 1066

If the videos are not clear, here you have a webpage

write all your notes in your folder, you will need them later.

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